Short Take: Orphan #8 – Kim van Alkemade

It’s hard not to think of Morrow’s other commercial historical novel, Orphan Train, when you see the titles and cover of this story. Fans of that ongoing bestseller may also be onboard for this novel based in another incident in American history involving immigrant American children—in this case of the story of Jewish children “treated” with radiation as part of medical research programs. The book turns on one woman’s poignant story and her battle to come to come to terms with her past and the doctor who harmed her.

BOOKSTORES ONLY: This is an August Indie Next Pick. Through October, Morrow is offering bookstores interested in hosting a book group meeting, a Skype, phone call or in-person visit with the author (local PA appearances only). Get in touch with me if you’re interested.

“The story of how Rachel gains agency–psychologically, bodily, and romantically–never feels forced. Her burgeoning feelings for another girl at the home are treated with depth and help the story stand out from others. The premise and lesbian representation make this a solid recommendation for fans of Jodi Picoult and Sarah Waters.”
   — Library Journal

Orphan #8 (9780062338303) by Kim van Alkemade. $14.99 trade paper original. 8/4/15 on sale.

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