Short Take: The 3rd Woman – Jonathan Freedland

Freedland is an award-winning columnist for The Guardian and was previously that paper’s Washington correspondent. He’s written a bestselling suspense series under the name Sam Bourne and in this book marries his political knowledge with his way around a tricky, fast-paced plot. The result is a satisfying political thriller in an imagined near-future where China has become the world’s single super power. America has traded debt forgiveness for a Chinese military presence on American soil and China’s cultural and political influence is everywhere. But as PW points out, this is the backdrop for a much more human-scale story—a complex murder mystery with international implications.

“The United States’ debt to China has changed the balance of power dramatically in this convincing near-future thriller from Freedland….After a violent incident in L.A., Chinese military personnel are now stationed in West Coast port cities to protect Chinese customs officers. Against this disturbing backdrop, investigative reporter Madison Webb, who has just exposed the inhuman conditions at an L.A. sweatshop, is devastated to learn that her sister, Abigail, appears to have died as the result of a “druggie sex game that went wrong.” Unwilling to accept this theory, Madison pushes until she finds evidence that a cover-up with global implications may be in the works. Freedland keeps the pages turning and unveils a twist that few will anticipate.”
Publishers Weekly

“Jonathan Freedland’s inventive, thought-provoking political context gives the good plot added bite, depth and intelligence.”
The Times (London)

The 3rd Woman (9780062207555) by Jonathan Freedland. $26.99 hardcover. 8/4/15 on sale.

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