On Sale Today: Go Set a Watchman

Like everyone in the country (except the dozen or so reviewers who wouldn’t wait), I’ll be opening my copy of Go Set a Watchman this morning. Given all the media hoopla this weekend, am I still excited?

Yes, I am.

Did I hope for more wisdom from the saintly Atticus? I confess I did. He’s the father an entire nation wanted. Am I ready to confront that father (and the history of our nation) with the eyes of an adult? I think so. Do I want the chance to read Ms. Lee’s lovely prose again, perfect or not? Heck yes.

Thanks to EW.com for pulling these lovely lines to start the day:

“A black hound loped down the streets in the distance, the monkey puzzles bristled silently on there corners of the square.”

“Dill’s efforts to disentangle himself with dignity were only moderately successful; he rose from the pool like a small fantastical water monster, covered with green slime and dripping sheet.”

“The hollering and high-mindedness over, all that would be left would be another shabby little affair a la the Birmingham country club set, and a self-constructed private Gehenna with the latest Westinghouse appliances. Hank didn’t deserve that.”

“The last time she skirmished with Alexandra was when her brother died. After Jem’s funeral, they were in the kitchen cleaning up the remains of the tribal banquets that are a part of dying in Maycomb.”

Go Set a Watchman (9780062409850) by Harper Lee. $27.99 hardcover. On sale today.


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