Suspense Short Take: The Swede – Robert Karjel

It’s still beach reading season! Scandinavian espionage is hot! Entertainment Weekly already covered this debut and gave it a B+ saying, “Think le Carré meets Homeland.”

Author Karjel is an active officer in the Swedish Air Force, which brings realism to this twisty page-turner about the moral compromises people and nations make under pressure. The story pairs a Swedish security agent with a FBI agent to investigate whether or not a Swedish citizen tortured by the CIA is involved in a potential terror attack in Topeka, Kansas.

“[A] superior thriller set mostly in 2008, Ernst Grip, a member of Sweden’s security police…is to interview a prisoner, another Swede, who has been tortured for years. Meanwhile, in a subplot set in the wake of the 2004 tsunami that devastated Thailand, a survivor of the disaster known only as N. travels to an isolated beach community where he befriends several other survivors; they fall under the influence of a mysterious American, Bill Adderloy, who persuades them to commit a highly complicated crime that’s to take place in Topeka, Kans. Grip strives to ferret out the details of the impending crime and N.’s part in it. Filled with rich characterization and unforeseeable twists and revelations, this mesmerizing first in a planned series will leave readers gasping for breath.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Swede (9780062339584) by Robert Karjel. $26.99 hardcover. 7/7/15 on sale.

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