Publicity: A Land More Kind Than Home – Wiley Cash

This lovely Indie favorite is Costco’s Pennie’s Pick for June. She writes: “Told in three distinct voices, A Land More Kind Than Home blends suspense, family drama and small-town dynamics into an example of powerful storytelling at its finest.” It may raise the book’s profile across the board so please check stock. This literary suspense was a NYT Notable Book and is a backlist keeper.

Original review coverage:

“Cash adeptly captures the rhythms of Appalachian speech, narrating his atmospheric novel in the voices of three characters . . . The story has elements of a thriller, but Cash is ultimately interested in how unscrupulous individuals can bend decent people to their own dark ends.”
– Washington Post

“Good old-fashioned storytelling. Cash has a solid talent for the oft-neglected arts of tragedy and suspense, mixed with just enough modern pathos to make his writing literary without being pretentious. An auspicious start for a first novelist. . . . With murder, religion, infidelity, domestic abuse, guns, whiskey and snake handling, Land is rich in unstable relationships and beautiful tragedy.”
– Ploughshares

A Land More Kind Than Home (9780062088239) by Wiley Cash. $14.99 trade paperback. Available now.

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