“Gone Girl of the Season”: Disclaimer – Renee Knight

Janet Maslin winked at publishing industry hyperbole when she wrote in a NYT survey of summer reads that: “It’s “Disclaimer” that turns out to be the ‘Gone Girl’ of the season, even if every publicist with a thriller about a troubled marriage is making that claim.”

Now she’s written a full review that expands on her initial rave:

“What self-respecting genre writer can begin a book with a murder anymore? Or with the discovery of a corpse? These standard openers have been done to death, so to speak, to the point where you’d be crazy to read a mystery or thriller that uses one. A new, improved opening gambit is an absolute must for any author who wants your attention.

“But even among books that begin imaginatively, Renee Knight’s “Disclaimer” is something special….

“This novel’s opening promise of menace is not overstated. Ms. Knight lives up to the initial deal she made with readers and delivers fully on the threat she used to hook them. That’s a rare payoff in a genre full of letdowns. Its value can’t be stressed enough.”

Booksellers, check stock. Book lovers, this summer’s big beach read might have arrived.

Disclaimer (9780062362254) by Renée Knight. $25.99 hardcover. 5/19/15 on sale.

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