Binc’s “Campaign to Sustain”

BINCThe Book Industry Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit near and dear to my heart. Many of you have heard me sing its praises as a first-line resource for booksellers in unexpected need—and have heard me urge booksellers to draw on this resource when needed.

In my thirty years of bookselling and publishing I’ve seen time and time again what happens when a bookseller at a particular store is in trouble–that store’s colleagues pitch in to help. Binc expands that caring community so that we can all pitch in and help one another.

This was a very stressful time with my mother’s death and then having to take additional unpaid time off I was worried about paying my rent and bills. This is where Binc stepped in and helped me. The woman who handled my case at Binc was extremely helpful, compassionate and kind. She made the process of applying very easy and followed up continually in a timely manner. I was shocked and extremely happy to find out that Binc gave me a grant. She even referred me to another organization called the Karis Group to assist me with my hospital medical bills.”
– Grant recipient from California

That’s why I serve on the Board and this month that’s why I’ve become a sustaining member of this organization that does so much to keep booksellers lives from going off the rails due to medical and other life emergencies.

Right now Binc is in the middle of its “Campaign to Sustain.” If you set aside money for your annual charitable giving, please consider joining me as a sustaining member. And even if that doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t take a big commitment to help fellow booksellers — you can choose any amount you’d like to give and you can do it one time. Thanks for thinking about it.

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