Short Take: The Shed That Fed a Million Children – Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

This is the story of a Scottish salmon farmer whose week off to do volunteer work turned into a journey that led him leave his job, sell his home, and dedicate his life to helping the world’s poorest children get a daily meal at their schools and thus also help ensure their education.

MacFarlane-Barrow was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people this year. Here’s the profile, written by former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“Meeting with famine relief officials in Malawi in 2002, the author describes how he was struck by the words of a child who said his dream was to have enough to eat and to go to school. [His organization] began funding school feeding projects in places where poverty and hunger prevented children from going to school….Writing with enthusiasm, humility, and seemingly bottomless optimism and goodwill, MacFarlane-Barrow shares credit generously with those who shaped his vision and helped him along the way.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The story MacFarlane-Barrow tells is one of dedication, hope, and a bit of luck. In many ways it reads as his memoir, especially since the organization’s creation was a personal endeavor, involving many members of his immediate family as well as a worldwide community….[T]he overall message remains inspiring and heartfelt.”
Publishers Weekly

 The Shed That Fed a Million Children: The Extraordinary Story of Mary’s Meals (9780008132705) by Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow. $21.99 hardcover. 5/26/15 on sale.

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