Short Take: The Jesus Cow – Michael Perry

This is Perry’s first adult novel and the able chronicler of contemporary rural life is still much in evidence. His writing retains all the charm that has made him such a beloved observer of Midwestern life, while adding a plotline that allows for plenty of comic commentary on religion, money and our obsession with celebrity.

The Jesus Cow starts with salt of the earth characters, adds a little spice, and ends up being a funny, beefy, tasty stew with a lot of heart. When Michael Perry is clicking, he’s pure joy to read, and in The Jesus Cow, he’s clicking a lot.”
— Christopher Moore

Bachelor Harley has been forced to sell portions of his family’s farm to developers over the years just to stay afloat. But on Christmas Eve, his beef cow goes into labor, delivers a calf that bears the unmistakable image of Jesus on her hide, and Harley knows his life is about to change….Perry’s novel wrestles with some big issues—religion, environmentalism, community—but he resists letting his narrative get too bogged down in them. The result is a purposeful story that doesn’t overwhelm, an often charming read that rarely takes itself too seriously.”
— Publishers Weekly

“A hilarious glimpse into small-town life and cowboy/farmer/ ‘Scandihoovian’ philosophy, combined with meditations on the meanings of faith, environmentalism, development, and romance.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“Humorist Perry’s first novel combines irreverence with just the right amount of sweetness in a genuinely funny satire of religion and morality in small-town, contemporary America.”
— Booklist

The Jesus Cow (9780062289919) by Michael Perry. $25.99 hardcover. 5/19/15 on sale.

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