Short Take: Bad Kid – David Crabb

“Growing up gay and goth in 1980’s Texas” says it all. This memoir by a three-time Moth Grand Slam Champion is hilarious in that “I laughed; I cried” kind of way. Bonus: photos throughout.

“Crabb presents this hormone-fueled roller-coaster ride with humor and sensitivity, and draws moving portraits of the people who provided him with a community. His evocation of postpunk bands, brutal skinheads, and Goth attire will resonate with those who experienced the era, while his sexual anguish and fumblings are all too universal. Crabb’s exploration of the intensity, and necessity, of teen friendships especially resonates.”
Publishers Weekly

“Though the author’s story wonderfully captures the awkwardness, strife, and even terror of his experience as a gay teen, it is also upbeat, endearing, and achingly funny. (The mall-rat generation will be especially at home with Crabb.)  The author experienced all the highs and lows of adolescence, from the reckless pleasures of youth to the inevitable distance and loneliness of outgrowing relationships.  A vivid and dramatic slice of adolescence.”
— Kirkus Reviews

Bad Kid: A Memoir (9780062371287) by David Crabb. $14.99 trade paper original. 5/19/15 on sale.

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