New Fiction: Girl in the Moonlight – Charles Dubow

The author of the Indie Next pick Indiscretion is back with another elegant, steamy, upmarket genre story of passion, obsession, art and old money. What I especially enjoyed about both Dubow’s books is the Gatsby-esque point of view–the young outsider invited into and ensnared by a charmed circle of money and passion. Great writing coupled with larger-than-life romantic obsession make for a literary beach read. To quote Library Journal this is “a page-turner for [readers] who enjoy learning how the rich live and whether they can rise above their first-world struggles.” 🙂

[A]n evocative and maddening tale of obsession. When young Wylie Rose sees Cesca Bonet for the first time, his life is placed on a path of compulsion, desire, and what he believes to be love. Once drawn into Cesca’s orbit as adults, she becomes Wylie’s drug of choice. His infatuation gives Cesca the power to walk in and out of his life, screwing up his relationships and plans whenever she chooses to spend time with him. Told through the lavish eye of Wylie, a budding artist interloping in an old-money world pulsating with the tantalizing power of family status and beauty…beautifully descriptive….[Q]uestions about whether a person can change, or if we are all doomed to repeat the same mistakes time and time again, will be swirling through readers’ minds.”
Publishers Weekly

“Dubow offers a heady, intoxicating tale, and young Wylie’s journey to manhood is a memorable one. A story of the most interesting people you will ever know, told with style and verve.”
Kirkus Reviews

“As with his rigorously affecting debut, Indiscretion, which should have received some award attention, Dubow’s new work concerns innocence burnt in the glow of those golden folks most of us can’t quite touch.”
Library Journal

Girl in the Moonlight (9780062358325) by Charles Dubow. $25.99 hardcover. 5/12/15 on sale.

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