Short Takes: Rock with Wings – Anne Hillerman & When to Rob a Bank – Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

I’m sure it’s back to the bestseller lists for Anne Hillerman. This is her accomplished second installment in this updated continuation of her father’s beloved Leaphorn and Chee series

“In her worthy sequel to 2013’s Spider Woman’s Daughter, Hillerman continues the exploits of the beloved Navajo cops of MWA Grand Master Tony Hillerman (1925–2008). Officer Bernadette Manuelito, Sgt. Jim Chee’s wife, makes a routine traffic stop of a speeding car on a New Mexico road that morphs into a mystery when the nervous driver tries to bribe her—but the only suspicious cargo he has are two boxes of dirt….Hillerman uses the southwestern setting as effectively as her late father did while skillfully combining Native American lore with present-day social issues.”
Publishers Weekly

Rock with Wings (9780062270511) by Anne Hillerman. $27.99 hardcover. 5/5/15 one day laydown.


This is a really fun collection that’s perfect for longtime fans of Freakonomics as well as a great introduction to for those unfamiliar with this social sciences juggernaut. It’s a collection of columns from the authors’ long-running blog and makes for fast, fizzy reading. (And probably a perfect Father’s Day present.) It’s another one I expect to see on the bestseller list right out of the gate.

“As coauthors Levitt and Dubner explain at the start of this delightful collection, a decade ago, concurrent with the publication of their book Freakonomics, they decided to start a blog with the same name….For the site’s anniversary, they’ve finally bowed to reader demands to turn it into a book. The result is this energetic, charming assortment of posts, thematically arranged, on topics as varied as terrorism, restoration of the draft, getting rid of the penny, car-seat safety, obesity, and the U.S. crackdown on Internet poker, steroid use in the Tour de France, the D.C. gun ban, and ‘No Gas Day.’”
Publishers Weekly

When to Rob a Bank…And 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants (9780062385321) by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.  $25.99 hardcover. 5/5/15 on sale.

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