Short Take: The Bone Tree – Greg Iles

The wait’s almost over for the many, many fans of the bestselling Natchez Burning. Part two of Iles’ suspense epic about race in America is just about here. And reviewers have made it clear that readers will not be disappointed.

“Absolutely compelling.… A beautifully constructed story, some extremely fine writing, and some hard-to-bear tragedy. There will be much interest in this title and a parallel bump in demand for Natchez Burning, as readers play catch-up… Everything is big about this one: its epic scale [and] its built-in readership based on the success of its predecessor.”
— Booklist (starred review)

Iles’ richly plotted fifth Penn Cage novel, the middle book of a trilogy, picks up immediately after the previous entry, 2014’s Natchez Burning….Penn, a former prosecutor who’s now the mayor of Natchez, Miss., and his pregnant fiancée, reporter Caitlin Masters, have barely escaped with their lives from the lair of a flamethrower-wielding sadist. The action-packed narrative moves swiftly to a surprising and moving conclusion as Penn contends with Forrest Knox, the power behind the Double Eagles, and strives to keep his loved ones safe.”
— Publishers Weekly

“The second installment of his hard-boiled Natchez trilogy finds Iles’ hero Penn Cage on even swampier, and surely deadlier, ground than before.”
— Kirkus Reviews

The Bone Tree (9780062311115) by Greg Iles. $27.99 hardcover. 4/21/15 one day laydown.

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