New in Paperback: Clever Girl, Last Night at the Blue Angel, The Queen of the Tearling

A quick rundown of some great 2014 novels, now in paperback.

One of my very favorite novels last year. Hadley is a first-rate literary novelist and this story of the path of a young women’s life struck me as a compliment to William Boyd’s Any Human Heart—just delicious. People magazine wrote: “Looking for the next Kate Atkinson or Alice Munro? Pick up this lovely novel about a smart Englishwoman who’s also prickly and prone to misfortune.” Original coverage here.

Clever Girl (9780062282880) by Tessa Hadley. $14.99 trade paper. 4/14/15 on sale.


A bookseller favorite with three starred advance reviews, I’m expecting this to take off in trade paperback. Original review here.

Last Night at the Blue Angel is many things, all of them hugely admirable: a delineation of what it means, in technical and emotional terms, to be a singer; a plea, if not a demand, for tolerance; a panegyric to the liberating power of passion; and perhaps most importantly, one of the most evocative renderings of a child’s precocity and appreciativeness in the face of a mother’s distracted self-absorption—and how it actually feels to be in thrall to someone else’s happiness—since Mona Simpson’s Anywhere But Here.”
— Jim Shepard

Last Night at the Blue Angel (9780062315298) by Rebecca Rotert. $14.99 trade paper. 4/14/15 on sale.


A #1 Indie Next Pick with superb reviews, the second installment is due in June and this paperback arrives with a price point designed to invite crossover YA readers. Original coverage here.

“Call it The Hunger Games of Thrones. . . . An addictive and enjoyable adventure. . . . The Tear is just as easy to get sucked into as Westeros or Hogwarts or Panem.”
— USA Today

The Queen of the Tearling (9780062290380) by Erika Johansen. $12.99 trade paper. 4/14/15 on sale.


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