Want to Be a Bookseller?

I had to laugh out loud when I read this one. So true, so true… Career booksellers are a small fraternity of clear-eyed problem solvers who like to think of their feet (and mostly on the run).

Tip of the hat to manager Claudia Maceo of the Twig Book Shop in San Antonio, TX.


Able-bodied, book smart, people-friendly, industrious, technologically savvy, part-time employee willing to work for peanuts and a few perks.

Book-selling is hard! If you are not ringing up sales for customers, you are researching titles and authors for customer requests, dusting shelves, mopping floors, shelving and alphabetizing books, calling customers, sleuthing the whereabouts of elusive books, moving heavy (35-50 lb.) boxes of books, arranging cards and envelopes, and setting up chairs for author events….

After all that (and more), you end up spending your meager wages on books that you cannot possibly live without….

If I have not burst your romanticized bubble of a bookseller’s life, please e-mail me your resume…. I will e-mail you back regarding the possibility of an interview. 

Complete article in Robert Gray’s column in the bookselling daily, Shelf Awareness

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