New Fiction: All Involved – Ryan Gattis

This is a propulsive literary novel about the 1992 LA riots. It’s grounded in nearly two years of research with former gang members, firefighters, nurses, & other L.A. citizens who lived through the riots. That point of view adds up to a story as intimate and gritty as anything by Richard Price–what the editor calls an “epic story of race, revenge, loyalty-at once fiercely identifiable as a novel of Los Angeles, yet also recognizable as a story of America–our history, our prejudices, and our complexities.”

“The story that Mr. Gattis tells in his breakthrough novel is a high-octane speedball of a read: gritty, nerve-racking, sometimes excruciating in its violence and at the same time animated by a bone-deep understanding of its characters’ daily lives in a gang-ravaged neighborhood in Lynwood, South Central….he manages to open out his characters’ stories into a larger, kaleidoscopic portrait of the City of Angels, riven by race and class, and tensions between police and civilians. It’s a snapshot of a city in chaos in the early ’90s that still has chilling resonance today.”

—  Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times 

Set in South Central Los Angeles in 1992, during the six days of rioting sparked by the Rodney King verdict, this violent, visceral novel from Gattis chronicles the intersecting lives of a diverse cast of characters caught up in the chaos, from business owners and nurses to drug dealers and gang members, the last of whom use the anarchy as an opportunity to take vengeance on those who have done them wrong….Like the historical events it’s based on, this page-turner is horrific, heartrending, and—maybe—just a bit hopeful.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Gattis does a good job of rounding out and differentiating the 17 or so major players who figure in his pages, some phony confident and some Hamlet-like in their uncertainty (“we are technically vigilantes, and I don’t know how I feel about that”), and there are lashings of pyrotechnic violence and flowing adrenalin to keep the story moving.”
— Kirkus Reviews

[A] symphonic, pitch-perfect, superlative novel. It is visceral and adrenalin-fuelled, yet tender and even darkly comic. It is audacious, unflinching and subversive. It doesn’t judge. It swallowed me whole.”
— David Mitchell

“A heartbreaking portrait of a city tearing itself apart.”
— Paula Hawkins

All Involved (9780062378798) by Ryan Gattis. $27.99 hardcover. 4/7/15 on sale.

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