Publicity: Welcome to Braggsville – T. Geronimo Johnson

Since I covered this several weeks ago, a pretty spectacular LA Times review has come in. The book is on sale Tuesday.

“When was the last time you were shocked by a turn in a novel? Not merely surprised or astonished but actually stunned? T. Geronimo Johnson makes it happen twice in his second novel, Welcome to Braggsville… audacious, unpredictable, exuberant and even tragic, in the most classic meaning of the word… A heady mix of satire and hyperbole…  Welcome to Braggsville reads like a literary hybrid of David Foster Wallace and Colson Whitehead: word-besotted, incorporating references that are, by turns, high and pop cultural, while piercing the pretensions of academia and the complacencies of small-town life…  Although Johnson’s novel does not touch on [Eric Garner or Michael Brown], it is impossible to read without imagining them as context.”
LA Times

Welcome to Braggsville (9780062302120) by T. Geronimo Johnson. $25.99 hardcover. 2/17/15 on sale.

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