Book of the Week: World Gone By – Dennis Lehane

A new book by Dennis Lehane is always an event. And the good news for all of us who loved Live by Night is that this new novel continues the story of Joe Coughlin, the tormented criminal hero of that story. World Gone By takes place ten years after former kingpin Coughlin has lost his wife in mob-related gunfire. He is now a consigliere to the Bartolo Crime Family in Tampa where he is trying to raise his son in peace, traveling between Tampa and Cuba during the height of World War II.

While fans of crime and suspense will love this, it’s also great literary fiction. Lehane immerses us in the period and continues to develop a tragic American epic in the story of Joe Coughlin. As the Washington Post said of this character, “The true heart of [Live by Night]—and the heart of Lehane’s achievement—lies in the character of Joe Coughlin and in the moral quandary that comes to dominate his life.”

They’ll be tons of review and media coverage, starting with USA Today, Boston Globe, Washington Post, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle and WBUR’s On Point.

Praise for Live by Night:

Live by Night is Crime Noir 101, as taught by the best of its current practitioners. . . . Yet [Lehane’s] idea of plain old crime is sophisticated, literary and barbed enough that it makes this book a sentence-by-sentence pleasure. You are in the hands of an expert. And you’ll know it.”
— Janet Maslin, New York Times

With its fresh, precise language, its acute sympathy for the passions that shape—and sometimes warp—its central characters and its lovingly detailed recreation of an earlier age, Live by Night transcends the familiar and assumes an unimpeachable reality of its own. But the true heart of the book—and the heart of Lehane’s achievement—lies in the character of Joe Coughlin and in the moral quandary that comes to dominate his life. . . . [A] meticulously crafted portrait of our violent national past.”
Washington Post Book World

“A gut-clenching winner. . . . His ability to create crystal clear portraits of humanity and then place them in the darker side of life is a writer’s true gift.”
USA Today

World Gone By (9780060004903) by Dennis Lehane. $27.99 hardcover. 3/10/15 one day laydown.

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