New Fiction: Girl Runner – Carrie Snyder

Based on the true story of the first Canadian women to compete in the Olympics, this is a richly imagined, fictionalized account of one woman’s life over the course of 100 years. Strong writing coupled with a well-constructed, plot-driven narrative makes this more than a period piece. We can’t help cheer for a woman who pushes against any number of boundaries—her background, her sex, the declines of age—to live her life to the fullest.

“In 1928, Canada’s ‘matchless six’ won gold at the first Olympics in which women competed in track, serving as the inspiration for this novel about a fictional female runner who races in those historic games….Infused with striking imagery and pearls of wisdom, Snyder’s novel attempts to capture how it feels to be a female athlete, an independent woman, and above all a runner. Like the pioneers of 1928, the characters in this novel win gold or get disqualified in the process, go on to modest modeling and acting careers, and disappear from the spotlight, while Snyder focuses on the feelings behind their public triumphs, the emotions beneath their personal turmoil.”
— Publishers Weekly

[A] well-crafted meditation on aging and loss…. [Snyder’s] inspirational protagonist pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable for women in the first half of the 20th century makes this novel a winner.”
— Library Journal

“Throughout Girl Runner…the details and specificity enhance without distracting. What defines the novel is the depth of Aggie herself; her complexities, her desires and failures and her deep relationships are the book’s heart, authentic and beautifully wrought.”
— Edmonton Journal

Girl Runner (9780062336040) by Carrie Snyder. $26.99 hardcover. 2/3/15 on sale.

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