New Nonfiction: Tales from Both Sides of the Brain – Michael S. Gazzaniga

It’s not every day I run across endorsements from professional comedy writers for a memoir by a neuroscientist. But that should tell you something about the scope of the life recalled in this book. Michael Gazzaniga was part of the team that developed the now commonly known right brain/left brain theory. Not only is he a brilliant researcher, he’s a kind of funny guy and a terrific popular science writer. (Check out Who’s In Charge, which CNBC called “an exciting, stimulating, and at times even funny read.”) Gazzaniga is a regular media figure and has appeared on PBS, NBC Nightly News and The Today Show. With a forward by Stephen Pinker and support from both the scientific community and the media, this books seems like a must-have for most Indie bookstores.

“In this fascinating memoir . . . [Gazzaniga’s] warmth and good humor virtually jump off the page. . . . Gazzaniga’s memoir should delight fans of the television series The Big Bang Theory, but it will also have tremendous appeal for non-nerds, too.”
— Booklist (Starred Review)

Tales From Both Sides of the Brain is a fun, accessible story of not just how both halves of our minds function but also how a group of brilliant and sweetly quirky neuroscientists have struggled to find answers.”
— Conan O’Brien

Gazzaniga … reveals the role of ego, politics, jealousy, envy, lust, and all the other deadly sins in the advance of human knowledge. This is a must-read for those who care about science, history, the human brain, and, speaking only metaphorically, the human heart.”
— Eric Kaplan, co-producer and writer of The Big Bang Theory

“[A] winding tale of a life lived in science and the joys of bringing science to the public. Gazzaniga’s work on the ‘split brain case studies spanned decades, universities, and medical schools, but as he makes clear, there’s much more to a life than the pursuit of science as a career. Outside his research, Gazzaniga kept busy by organizing public debates featuring William F. Buckley Jr. and others, which led Buckley to invite him on Firing Line and to write pieces for National Review, including a spoof of the Pentagon Papers…. [This book should be] of great interest to those embarking on careers in pure research, and to anyone intrigued by the story of one of the greatest discoveries in cognition.”
—  Publishers Weekly

“. . . This engaging, accessible biography . . . illustrates that work in the laboratory does not occur in a vacuum and that advances in science are sometimes inspired by people working in other fields as well as students and mentors.”
   — Library Journal

Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in Neuroscience (9780062228802) by Michael S. Gazzaniga. $28.99 hardcover. 2/3/15 on sale.

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