Short Take: One Step Too Far – Tina Seskis

One of our major suspense debuts this season, One Step Too Far is the story of a woman who walks away from “the perfect life” as a lawyer, wife and mother. The suspense is in the why? Library Journal says, “Add this to the growing Gone Girl subgenre, designed for readers who appreciate the journey and are willing to invest the time to reflect on its significance once the destination is reached.”

It will be reviewed in the NYT with additional coverage in Time and People.

“Debut novelist Seskis displays a keen sense of pacing … and her backstories on Emily’s family are vivid yet done with great economy. …Seskis hooks readers from the outset while also spelling out the high emotional costs of abandoning loved ones. A skillfully done novel by a writer to watch.”
— Booklist

“Attorney Emily Coleman lives a fairly ordinary life in suburban Chorlton, Manchester….After she learns that she’s pregnant again, she’s happy (“sickeningly so,” in her own estimation), but then she abruptly and mysteriously leaves her old life behind and moves into a seedy, ramshackle group home in North London. She takes a new name, Cat Brown, and slowly, hesitantly begins forging an entirely new existence….The author reveals Emily’s motivations for leaving her family with great patience and narrative skill….[E]xcellent dramatic pacing, dialogue and prose….An evocative, skillful novel about the price of escape, and a very promising debut.”
Kirkus Reviews

One Step Too Far (9780062340078) by Tina Seskis. $25.99 hardcover. 1/27/15 on sale.

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