Two Favorite Holiday Gift Books

Charming, modest, informative and beautifully designed, the well-priced cookbook makes for great reading as well as great cooking.

“Chef Peternell, chef at Chez Panisse, offers an informal crash course in the ‘big 12’ recipes ‘at the heart of home cooking.’ His inspiration comes from his family kitchen and the realization that his son, attempting to cook while away at college, hadn’t absorbed cooking know-how through osmosis. While Peternell assembles this collection of recipes, tips, and loving reflections as a gift to his son, he creates more than a handbook for beginning cooks….There’s advice on tasting, timing, and using leftovers. Illustrations are by family members, and there’s plenty of anecdotes drawn from Peternell’s own home table. Essays have an inviting personal tone, and Peternell encourages cooks to use good sense, relax, and enjoy the unexpected pleasures that come with cooking for yourself and for others.”
Publishers Weekly

“Delightful and instructive. . . . Marked by Peternell’s zeal for good, simple food, this title takes a very different approach from cooking handbooks that emphasize science or technical precision.”
   — Library Journal (starred review)

 Twelve Recipes (9780062270306) by Cal Peternell. $26.99 hardcover. 10/21/14 on sale.

The follow up to Davidson’s wildly popular Shake, this little video says it all…

Shake Puppies (9780062351722) by Carli Davidson. $17.99 hardcover. 10/28/14 on sale.

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