Short Take: Moriarty – Anthony Horowitz

Horowitz, author of the bestselling House of Sand, returns with another Conan Doyle Estate-approved Sherlock Holmes novel. This time Horowitz contemplates the issue asked by every Sherlockian: What really happened when Holmes and Professor Moriarty tumbled to their doom at the Reichenbach Falls?

This Indie Next Pick is timed for holiday sales and has coverage coming in the NYT, ET, People, US Weekly and many regional papers.

A tour de force quite unlike any other fruit from these densely plowed fields…canny Sherlock-ian Horowitz still has more tricks up his sleeve.…A rare treat, a mystery as original as it is enthralling.”
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Horowitz is the fellow who gave us the wonderful Foyle’s War on PBS and maybe the best Holmes pastiche ever, The House of Silk (2011). Now he’s done it again, with a stunning riff on the Holmes-Moriarty clash. It’s full of allusions to the Holmes canon that Sherlockians will congratulate themselves for spotting, then wince moments later when Horowitz gently reveals the prank…. Horowitz spins his tale in pitch-perfect Watsonian prose, easy and flowing, setting readers up for a finale that is truly jaw-dropping. A few pages at the end let us know how the con was worked on us, and that’s fun, too.”
— Booklist, (starred review)

“The author turns up the suspense, the sleuths turn up the clues, and crooks end up dead all while Moriarty’s specter hovers. Anything but elementary, this clever thriller is sure to please Sherlock fans.”
— People, Book of the Week

Moriarty (9780062377180) By Anthony Horowitz. $26.99 hardcover.  12/9/14 one day laydown.

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