Publicity: The Bully of Order – Brian Hart

PW’s a little late to the game with its review since this novel that came out at the beginning of September—but the review is a rave, and gives The Bully of Order a second starred review:

“Hart’s brilliant second novel takes place in the rainy, filthy, raucous American Northwest during the lawless logging days of the late 19th century. Into Harbor, a muddy, mythological town somewhere on the coast of Washington State, sails a bogus doctor named Jacob Ellstrom, whose quackery gets him into big trouble….Jacob’s malevolent brother, Matius, appears, claiming the Ellstrom homestead, and tragedy ensues when Jacob returns. Harbor is ruled by the outlaw union boss Bellhouse and his sidekick Tartan, whose violent means to every end leave no one outside their ruinous wake… In alternating chapters each character advances the story from his own perspective as the unruly community rushes drunkenly, calamitously into the 20th century. Hart’s prose is dense and lyrically savage.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Bully of Order (9780062297747) by Brian Hart. $25.99 hardcover. 9/2/14 on sale.

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