Halloween: I Am a Witch’s Cat – Harriet Muncaster

This picture book came out in July–but as I was wandering around bookstores this week seeing Halloween tables I remembered that this beguiling, sweet-hearted book is a perfect addition. The cut out collage illustrations are sublime; the story is a comic tale mother/daughter tale complete with a black cat and a witch.

“In Muncaster’s tongue-in-cheek debut, a girl dressed in a head-to-toe cat costume explains how she knows her mother is actually a witch. For starters, she keeps ‘strange potion bottles in the bathroom that I am NOT allowed to touch,’ and ‘when her friends come over, they sit in a circle and cackle and swap spell books.’ The gentle ‘witch’ in question has bouncy red curls, and Muncaster’s illustrations—photographs of delicate miniature models with cut-out props made from cloth, paper, and other media—often reveal the truth behind the girl’s statements; the ‘bubbling, hissing potions’ cooking away in the kitchen look more like vegetable soup. Muncaster’s miniatures create an alluring backdrop for this ode to creative, capable mothers and their adoring familiars… er, children. And the story doesn’t shut the door to the possibility of real magic, either.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“This heartwarming look at the close bond between mother and daughter stands out for its clever twist and stunningly detailed artwork.”
Kirkus Reviews

 I am a Witch’s Cat (9780062229144) by Harriet Muncaster. $15.99 hardcover.  7/22/14 on sale.

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