New Fiction: The Drop – Dennis Lehane

I’m sure some of you Lehane fans will be saying, “What, a new Lehane? Where’d that come from?” The answer is that it came from a short story called “Animal Rescue,” which first appeared in the anthology Boston Noir. From there it became a screenplay and the screenplay evolved into a small, tight novel that revolves around a working class Boston community and a puppy rescued from a trash can. Definitely classic Lehane — PW calls it a “gritty gem.”

I’ll let this video from the film starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini in this last role, give you a sense of just how satisfying this is going to be for Lehane’s legion of fans.


“Boston bartender Bob Saginowski pulls a beaten pup from a winter trash can, a small good deed with large consequences. The rescue leads Bob to Nadia Dunn, who helps him take care of the dog, and also to crazy Eric Deeds, who claims the dog is his…[while Bob]contends with money issues and pride and the Chechens, who now own his bar and use it as a money drop. A parade of weary, quirky characters—thieves, thugs, and hard guys—will resonate with Lehane fans. Amid his struggles, Bob establishes a tenuous relationship with Nadia, and finally takes a stand in this stark and moving short novel.”
Publishers Weekly

“A terrific little novella by Dennis Lehane about a sad-sack bartender, an abused dog, a lost and lonely young woman with a past, and some of the nastiest gangsters in modern thriller. Written with a bullet-quick pace and snappy Elmore Leonard-esque dialogue, this one really moves–it reads so swiftly, your fingers will burn the pages.  Oh, and did I mention the terrific twist ending?  I really loved it.”
— Bill Carl, The Booksellers at Laurelwood, Cincinnati, OH

The Drop (9780062365446) by Dennis Lehane. $14.99 trade paper. 9/2/14 on sale. [Also in hardcover: (9780062365576) $24.99]


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