Publicity: The New York Times on Fourth of July Creek

It’s risky to mention this book again since I know it can appear that I am belaboring the topic. (If you only dip in to this blog occasionally, here’s my original post–and major review praise here.) But this is such a spectacular novel…honestly, just one of the richest books I’ve read in years. I really hope it gets the wide readership it deserves.

So to the list of fulsome praise already in, I add Janet Maslin’s daily review in last Thursday’s NYT. (Complete review here.)

…there are hints of Ecco’s last bolt-from-the-blue debut: David Wroblewski’s The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (2008). This book is far darker, to the point where its only dogs are a pack of Rottweilers that attack Pete when he’s out on a case. But its gripping story and shimmering sense of the natural world do bring that great debut to mind.”

Yes, really, it’s that good.

Fourth of July Creek (9780062286444) by Smith Henderson. $26.99 hardcover. 5/27/14 on sale.

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