Short Take: Arts & Entertainments – Christopher Beha

I’m always looking for that rare bird… the clever, funny, non-gendered beach read. Christopher Beha’s Arts & Entertainments more than fills the bill. No gauzy story of lost and found on one hand—and no semi-automatic weapon fire or big explosions on the other. Just a whip-smart social satire about our obsession with celebrity and the way the lines between a life lived for oneself and a life lived for the cameras becomes more blurry by the day.

“Just read Arts & Entertainments by Christopher Beha, and I found it delightful!  An extremely fast paced novel, this slyly satiric and often very funny novel skewers the entertainment industry, especially ‘reality’ television.  Our sad hero requires a lot of cash for the impending birth of triplets, and he sells an old sex tape he made just after college when he was dating a woman who later became a huge TV and film star.  Little does he know that all actions have ramifications, and it all points back to him.  For a ‘fluffy’ sounding plot like this, Beha manages to elevate the material to Christopher Buckley levels, poking fun at our celebrity addiction, our need for news at every single moment of the day, and our inability to separate fact from fiction.  Arts & Entertainments is a funny, but very knowing book, so much more than just a laugh.  This one is a bloody mirror held up to our all-seeing eyes.”
— Bill Carl, The Booksellers at Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH

“Christopher Beha is one of the most talented young writers at work today.”
— Jess Walter

Arts & Entertainments (9780062322463) ­by Christopher Beha. $14.99 trade paper original. 7/1/14 on sale. 

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