New Nonfiction: The Universe – edited by John Brockman

I read lots of change memos explaining why we are moving on sales dates around after our catalogs are published. Lots. Generally the reasons range from the mundane to the predictable (“timed to a new publicity opportunity…”) But this is, hands down, the coolest change memo rationale ever: to capitalize on the recent discovery of gravitational waves which proves cosmological inflation theory.”

Yeah! I am channeling a knowledgeable young woman in Perennial marketing who goes on to explain: “Inflationary theory was co-developed by Andrei Linde and Alan Guth and others in the 1980s and basically explains the ‘bang’ in The Big Bang theory. Both Linde and Guth have essays on the subject in The Universe… To understand just how big of a deal this is, watch this charming video of Professor Linde receiving the news”:

I’m still not sure what they are talking about…but I am convinced. And I guess I need to read a few essays from this book, which is part of Brockman’s series that includes Thinking, Culture, and The Mind. As with the other volumes in this series you’ll get world-class thinkers and explainers like Brian Greene and Walter Isaacson cluing you in to the astronomical (I couldn’t resist) changes surrounding us.

The Universe: Leading Scientists Explore the Origin, Mysteries, and Future of the Cosmos (9780062296085) by John Brockman. $15.99 trade paper original. 6/24/14 on sale.

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