Short Take: Memory of Water – Emmi Itäranta

This trade paper original by Finnish author Itäranta falls squarely into the literary dystopic tradition of writers like Ursula Le Guin, Sheri Tepper and Margaret Atwood. The  environmental theme of a world ravaged by global warming will resonate with YA readers while the literary quality of the writing, the complexity of the political vision and moral tensions that drive young Noria Kaitio’s choices prove it a crossover read that will satisfy both adults and teens. Library Journal has picked it as its “Debut of the Month.”

“The writing is gorgeous and delicate in this dystopian award-winning debut, which is unique in both its setting and the small scale that Finnish author Itäranta employs. A larger world, with huge problems, is hinted at but not shown. Because the reader stays with the beautifully realized character of Noria and the village she inhabits, the tension is high even though the pacing remains measured. ”
— Library Journal (starred review)

“Where Itäranta shines is in her rejection of conventional plots and in her understated but compelling characters. The work is a deceptively tranquil examination of a world of dust and ashes where the tenacious weed of hope still survives.”
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

 Memory of Water (9780062326157) by Emmi Itäranta. $14.99 trade paperback original. 6/10/14 on sale.

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