Now in Paperback: The Tilted World – Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly

This Indie favorite about the Great Flood of 1927, moonshiners, revenuers, orphans and mother love is out in time to be a winning summer read (complete with a new cover that emphasizes Dixie’s story). My original review is here but below is a reminder of how the book  was originally received:

“[A]suspenseful, emotionally moving novel about the Great Flood of 1927. . . . The authors superbly depict the bonds of maternal, romantic, and brotherly love, and their slangy dialogue and piquant metaphors enrich their setting. This is a full-bodied shot of bluesy Americana with just the right amounts of grit, heart, and woeful longing, and it goes down smooth and satisfying.”
Booklist (starred review)

The Tilted World (9780062069191) by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly. $14.99 trade paper. 6/10/14 on sale.

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