Short Take: Fallout – Sadie Jones

This is Jones’ fourth novel and I’ve learned by now that the only thing to expect from her lively imagination is that it’s not going to the same place twice. Her first book felt like it took a page from Ian McEwan, the second from Graham Greene. Her third book, The Uninvited Guests, was an Indie bestseller and a wildly funny social satire that spun out like a madcap Downton Abbey.

Her newest is a closely observed novel of love, art and ambition in the 1970’s London theater world. As always, reviews are great.

“An intoxicating, deeply romantic novel of theater, love, and friendship…With both microscopic precision and operatic emotions, Sadie Jones perfectly captures the exhilaration of the young and the talented as they find their footing in both art and love.”
— Booklist (starred review)

“Engrossing…Jones’s talent emerges most in the absorbing plot, which convincingly shows how friends can be torn apart by lust and ambition.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Jones’s intricate, complex plot, sympathetically drawn characters, and authentic depictions of damaged genius make an unassailable claim for the power of a writer’s detailed.”
— Library Journal

Fallout (9780062292810) by Sadie Jones. $25.99 hardcover. 4/29/14 on sale.

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