Poetry Month: Foxes on the Trampoline – Charlotte Boulay

Booksellers, add this one to your Poetry Month display if it hasn’t already found its way there. Edited by Daniel Halpern, the publisher of Ecco as well as the editor of the influential 20th century journal Antaeus, Boulay joins a list of Ecco poets that includes some of the most important writers of our generation including John Ashbery, Jorie Graham, and Robert Hass. This is debut collection is the first new author Ecco has added to its list since 2008. Of the collection, Halpern says, “Boulay’s poems are deeply intelligent and elegant, but they are also a pleasure to read and truly engaging, perfect for readers who do not traditionally read poetry.”

“Boulay’s debut collection artfully negotiates the interplay between the natural and man-made worlds, presenting a lyric speaker searching for an authentic position in her contemporary surroundings. The very human issues of want, lack, and desire litter these nature obsessed pages. “Want is the old fairy tale:/ trying to carry the sea in a sieve,” she writes in “Fleet” … Boulay presents with an extremely even hand, but her questions address the subtle, difficult, and inconclusive elements of everyday life: “What I want is folded up somewhere,/ or buried, or slipped under the sea. I have everything/ else, everything everything. O fox,/ is this joy?”
Publishers Weekly

 Foxes on the Trampoline: Poems (9780062302496) by Charlotte Boulay. $14.99 trade paper original. 4/1/14 on sale.

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