Short Take: Face the Music – Paul Stanley

We’ve got an amazing media line-up for Stanley’s well-reviewed autobiography. With a 16-page color insert and 150 b&w photos throughout, fans will want this both for Stanley’s personal story and package.

Media includes a Rolling Stone feature and excerpt, CBS This Morning and ABC New Radio, Fox & Friends, Morning Joe, ET’s Insider, the NYTBR, Parade, USA Today, AP, Billboard, Buzzfeed, Paste, The LA Times and much more–including The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on April 10  which is being taped for HBO. And KISS has announced a 40 city summer tour, which should keep this in the media spotlight.

Born with an ear deformity called microtia—a condition in which cartilage on the outer ear fails to from properly…Elegantly and thoughtfully, Stanley takes us behind the mask of Starchild, his KISS persona, and shares intimately his own insecurities about his physical appearance and his emotional life….Throughout the glory years, Stanley remains lonely and feels like an outsider off stage…. He starts working with children with facial deformities in an organization called About Face, and here he movingly shares the lessons he’s learned.”
— Publishers Weekly

“For years the members hid their true identities behind cartoon personas and hard rock anthems that were powerful and exciting, but did little to reveal the men behind the music… After years of carefully maintaining his Starchild superhero identity, Stanley lets down his guard and unleashes a torrent of pent-up feelings that erupt and flow over 400 pages like molten lava.”
— Guitar World Magazine

Face the Music: A Life Exposed (9780062114044) by Paul Stanley. $28.99 hardcover. 4/8/14.

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