Short Take: Bourbon – Dane Huckelbridge

Publishing into the heart of the current bourbon craze, this is a cultural history for the connoisseur who wants to know the historical context of his or her favorite drink.

“A mirthful, erudite appreciation of bourbon and its striking history. …. [An] entertaining tour d’horizon of bourbon’s birth and long, healthy life. … Huckelbridge knows his bourbon. … A snappy history of the popular spirit’s rise and continued ascent.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“In this raucously entertaining history of the spirit, writer Huckelbridge imbibes deeply of the heady stories of the pioneers who discovered the golden nectar and who bottled it and passed it around for all to enjoy. ….Drink deeply from Huckelbridge’s free-flowing stories, and you’ll soon be besotted with the honeyed history of bourbon.”
Publishers Weekly

“Made from New World corn and Old World techniques, Bourbon is the American Spirit. Dane Hucklebridge takes readers on an intoxicating romp through the history of bourbon from its humble colonial origins to its craft-driven current revival.”
— Edward J. Larson, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History

Bourbon: A History of the American Spirit (9780062241399) by Dane Huckelbridge. $25.99 hardcover. 4/1/14 on sale.

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