Short Take: How Jesus Became God – Bart D. Ehrman

Ehrman is well known to readers interested in the intersection of religion and history. He’s a regular visitor to the bestseller lists and where he first became widely known for known for 2005’s Misquoting Jesus

In the introduction to this new book Ehrman writes, “As a historian I am no longer obsessed with the theological question of how God became a man, but with the historical question of how a man became God.” In an exploration that took eight years of research and writing, Ehrman explores how a backwater apocalyptic prophet, executed for crimes against the state, came to be understood as the equal of the Creator. It’s a fascinating tour through the early days of Christian history and how Christ’s first followers came to believe in the divinity of their prophet.

“Appealing to nonexperts interested in historical questions about the development of Christianity’s central and most basic tenets, Ehrman traces ancient ideas about divinity that likely informed Jesus and his followers, through the biblical record, and into early Christianity. In the process, he shows how claims about Jesus’ divinity as it was understood by Jesus and his followers demand nuance….As it makes strong scholarship on fundamental issues available to general readers, this is an important addition to the corpus of books about the historical Jesus.”
–Publishers Weekly

How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee (9780061778186) by Bart D. Ehrman. $27.99 hardcover. 3/25/14 on sale.

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