Short Take: Wish You Happy Forever – Jenny Bowen

HarperOne’s second publishing collaboration with the Skoll Foundation, this astounding memoir looks at how one woman became the catalyst who led the way to better child care for thousands of orphans in China. Jenny Bowen was a successful screenwriter and filmmaker who, with her husband, adopted two Chinese children. Taken aback by the way Chinese orphans seemed more warehoused than nurtured, she created Half the Sky Foundation, an NGO that has fundamentally changed the quality of life for thousands of children in China. Check out this video for a better picture of the important work Bowen and Half the Sky do.

“In this moving memoir, Brown…details her journey toward the establishment of nurturing conditions within China’s bleak state-run orphanages….Following the adoption of a Chinese baby girl, soon followed by a second adoption, Bowen was spurred to especially help female infants and those with special needs. Bowen chronicles the political, cultural, social and administrative obstacles encountered throughout the process of establishing her foundation. The couple, with their two daughters in tow, eventually moves to Beijing, hoping to raise awareness regarding the foundation’s work. Bowen’s remarkable narrative illustrates how dedication, compassion and love can create enormous change against incredible odds.”
Publishers Weekly

“Both heartrending and victoriously uplifting, Wish You Happy Forever provides the backdrop on the lives of thousands of orphan girls and their foster grandmothers, teachers, volunteers, donors, and the ever-grateful adoptive parents. This is a must read for lessons on compassion, persistence, and true love.”
— Amy Tan

Wish You Happy Forever: What China’s Orphans Taught Me About Moving Mountains (9780062192004) by Jenny Bowen. $25.99 hardcover. 3/11/14 on sale.

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