Short Take: Mother of God – Paul Rosolie

When Rosalie was in tenth grade, he dropped out of high school, got hired by Las Piedras Reserve in Peru, and found his place in the world. Since then has spent most of his life in the jungle exploring some of the most remote locations on the planet and working on conservation projects to preserve biodiversity in tropical ecosystems.

“A gripping adventure story filled with plenty of adrenaline-filled encounters with massive snakes, intimidating jaguars and other creatures. . . . A vividly written narrative of an amazingly diverse world still to be explored, whose destruction, as Rosolie wisely notes, would be a devastating loss for humanity.”
— Kirkus

“A rousing eco-adventure. . . . This is old-school nature writing, unabashedly romantic and free of alienation. . . . Rosolie’s powers of description are so vivid and engrossing that readers will be swept along in his passion.”
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Mother of God: An Extraordinary Journey into the Uncharted Tributaries of the Western Amazon (9780062259516) by Paul Rosolie. $25.99 hardcover. 3/18/14 on sale.

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