New Fiction: A Burnable Book – Bruce Holsinger

Author Bruce Holsinger has a day job as a medieval scholar. His deep grasp of the period suffuses this historical novel involving Chaucer, young Richard II and a secret book that prophesies the end of England’s kings.

Intricately plotted, vividly descriptive, and full of colorful and controversial characters, this is a big, ambitious, fast-paced read that brings the period to life. David Liss, no slouch at this sort of book himself, writes of A Burnable Book that it is

[e]verything you want in a work of historical fiction: fascinating, rich in period detail, and propelled by a compulsively engaging story. Even better, it’s clever and witty…a superb entertainment.”

Advance reviews are great; this one looks perfect for the Indies.

“[A] first novel whose zest, breadth, and color evoke The Canterbury Tales….[T]he intricate plot, sharp characterizations, and sweeping depiction of medieval England make this a memorable fiction debut.”
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The reader will be rewarded with a fascinating overview of pre-Renaissance London at its best and worst. A highly literate thriller from medievalist Holsinger.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Medieval England never tasted so rich nor smelled so foul as in this descriptive and intricately layered mystery. . . . [Holsinger] succeeds in elevating the missing manuscript genre to new heights that will entertain readers of both fiction and nonfiction.”
— Library Journal

A Burnable Book (9780062240323) by Bruce Holsinger. $25.99 hardcover. 2/18/14 on sale.

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