Short Take: Out of the Woods – Lynn Darling

A successful book like Wild creates its own subgenre. Readers want more in the same vein and publishers find themselves on the lookout for books that fit the bill—insightful journeys with a strong narrative pull. With a starred review from Publishers Weekly and a thumbs up from Booklist this looks right. (And not a bad idea for bookstore “New Year, New You” tables…)

“In a radiant, brave memoir… [Darling] admits that she no longer knows what the map of her life is. She turns to a point by point ‘metaphysical’ to-do list, including ‘get sense of direction; find authentic way to live; figure out how to be old; deal with sex; learn Latin.’… Darling embarks on a clarifying journey of self-navigation. Despite being sidetracked by cancer and a year of grueling treatments, which she endured largely alone, she gradually finds her moorings, emerging from this dark spell with a profound and grateful understanding of what it means to take responsibility for yourself.”
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Darling has written a fierce and forthright chronicle of one formidable woman’s courageous journey of healing and revelation, gratitude and resilience.”
 — Booklist

Out of the Woods: A Memoir of Wayfinding (9780061710247) by Lynn Darling. $25.99 hardcover. 1/7/14 on sale.

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