New in Paperback: The Death of Bees & House of Earth

I raved about this book in hardcover and I’m back to do it again. (Original review here.) This was an Indie Next Pick in hardcover makes it back to the list for the paperback. There’s a reason for all the review and bookseller love—this is one of those darkly hilarious books with real heart. The story of two young sisters, living alone and fending for themselves, it’s an edgy, comic coming of age story about how children are ignored by those who are supposed to be caring for them—and how help and care can come from the most unlikely sources.

From its first line to last, The Death of Bees is unapologetically candid and heralds a brazen new voice in the literary world…This is a dark and mordant novel, yet despite its fighting words, a tender heart beats deep at its center…The result is a riveting and rewarding read.”
   — BookPage

Death of Bees (9780062209856) by Lisa O’Donnell. $14.99 trade paperback. 10/22/13 on sale.


This is Guthrie’s only novel and the cover art is from one of Guthrie’s painting. One might be tempted to think this is stunt publishing or historical curio but the book got strong reviews in hardcover and the intro by Brinkley and Depp adds nice context. You can catch my original review here.

“Its voice is powerful, and to read it is to find kinship with an era whose angers and credulities still seem timely…There is surprising electricity in House of Earth.”
— USA Today

Guthrie demonstrates an easy facility with language and the words of the people of the Great Plains. The opening lines strike a note of simple poetry…House of Earth will certainly be essential reading for Woody Guthrie fans.”
— Christian Science Monitor

House of Earth (9780062248404) by Woody Guthrie. Edited by Douglas Brinkley and Johnny Depp. $15.99 trade paperback. 10/22/13 on sale.

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