New YA Fiction: Not a Drop to Drink – Mindy McGinnis

I am a sucker for “weather-anxiety fiction.” And I tell you YA fiction is all over that topic these days. Yet I ended up loving Not a Drop to Drink less for the vividly and persuasively drawn future where water becomes scarce and the world becomes a terrifyingly harsh place, than for the story of a young woman coming to understand that life is more than the dog-eat-dog defense of her vital resource.

But I don’t always completely trust myself on kids fiction so I was happy to see a strong endorsement from bookseller Krys Tourtois at Schuler Books in Lansing, Michigan. Krys also writes a very useful blog; you can read her complete review of Not a Drop to Drink at Bibliopunkk. Here’s an excerpt:

I ended up enjoying the hell out of this book in the best possible way. It was the epitome of a phrase I hate – a page-turner….Not a Drop to Drink is an impressive and powerful debut. The depth that McGinnis layered into the narrative is evocative and lush. There is worldly quality to her narration that adds gravity and heart, and the tone was consistent throughout. This is such an intense situation, the ultimate battle for survival and these characters do more than merely survive… they thrive, and they grow.…It’s beautiful seeing this girl who has been isolated in harshness develop into a woman. I cannot recommend this book enough. 5 out of 5 stars.”

“A high-quality survivalist story for readers who enjoy internal story arcs as well as external dangers.”
Kirkus Reviews

“In an understated but gripping debut, McGinnis paints a stark picture of a world not far removed from our own, concentrating on Lynn’s gradual emotional growth as contrasted against the physical harshness of her existence.”
Publishers Weekly

If you’re curious, check out this video in which the author explains what led her to write the novel:

Not a Drop to Drink (9780062198501) by Mindy McGinnis. $17.99 hardcover. 9/24/13 on sale.

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