Reading in a Bygone Era

Buzz Feed’s got a beautiful series of photos of the old Cincinnati Public Library. It opened in 1874 and was closed and torn down in 1955. Call me nostalgic but there’s something to be said for the architectural grandeur of the setting–a temple to the human mind and spirit.

One bookish bright spot: There’s a new indie bookstore opening a block or two away from the ghost of this slice of Cincinnati history. The Booksellers on Fountain Square is shooting for a September 1st opening.


3 thoughts on “Reading in a Bygone Era

  1. The main library building in San Francisco is really lovely in that classical “temple of books” style.

  2. Thanks to both of you! A blog of great libraries all over would be cool! (Not that I’m going to do it. :-)) Our own Detroit Public Library is pretty awe inspiring. And I love all the small Carnegie libraries,too. I used to hang out at a little one in Ashland, Massachusetts a lot when I lived in MA.

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