Short Take: The Whole Enchilada – Diane Mott Davidson

Because I love discovering new voices that sometimes leads me to taking the reliable favorites for granted. So time to offer props to a master! Diane Mott Davidson is now on her 17th Goldy Schulz mystery. These comic whodunits featuring an Aspen, Colorado caterer continue to deliver for the many fans who put them on the bestseller list book after book. PW says she’s still at the top of her game with this one.

Goldy fears that the death of her friend Holly Ingleby immediately following a birthday party she catered was caused by something Holly ate. When Holly—who was part of the unofficial group of emotionally and often physically battered wives that Goldy and mutual friend Marla Korman belonged to—turns out to have died from a medication overdose, the caterer knows she owes it to Holly to investigate. Digging into her friend’s past, particularly through the reams of notes Goldy took during long-ago sessions of the support group Amour Anonymous, she discovers unsettling secrets involving Holly and other prominent members of Aspen Meadow society. It becomes clear that whatever tidbits Holly took with her to the grave may have provided a motive for murder. Davidson, as usual, deftly weaves her mouthwatering recipes through the plot, which takes several emotional turns.”
Publishers Weekly

The Whole Enchilada (9780061348174) by Diane Mott Davidson. $26.99 hardcover.  8/27/13 one day laydown.

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