Trade Paperback Reissue: Chocolates for Breakfast – Pamela Moore

Armed with a hard and pitiful sophistication, Courtney hid a need for love that drove her on a frantic and hectic pursuit of an unattainable ideal…

That’s from the juicy jacket copy on the out-of-print Bantam edition of a coming-of-age novel that shocked the nation and sold over one million copies in 1956.

Harper Perennial has pulled a gem out of the wayback machine with this one. This racy, runaway bestseller was written by an 18-year-old prefigured the youthful disaffection to come in the 1960’s. It’s the story of an affluent teen, bouncing back and forth between the coasts and her glamorous, preoccupied, divorced parents. With a tragic friendship, a lesbian crush, an affair with an older man, small wonder that this book shocked mid-century readers.

It’s been out of print for 45 years and is now back with praise from contemporary readers like Emma Straub and Janet Fitch, who wrote, “Found this book in my parents’ library, a risqué looking paperback–read it over and over again. Every naughty thing I hoped life would be like.” Lena Dunhamwriter/director of the film Tiny Furniture and the HBO series Girls, lists Chocolates on her top 3 summer reads in Vogue, and Courtney Love said she was named after the main character.

Shocking for its time, Moore’s debut entranced a generation of teen girls bumbling through adolescence (and even takes credit for popularizing the name Courtney for girls), and will surely continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.”
Publishers Weekly

“A new (well, not new, but new to most of us) addition to the smart, edgy coming-of-age female lexicon. . . . Especially perfect for any too-cool Class of 2013 high school girl in your life, or someone who just is one at heart.”
— Jezebel

“This book is a sexier more cosmopolitan Bell Jar–young girl, manic depression, New York, LA. It is amazing.”
— Emma Straub

From the original reviews:

“Shocks and shocks again.”
— Glamour

“[An] appallingly frank first novel by an extraordinarily precocious artist.”
— Chicago Tribune

“Not very long ago it would have been regarded as shocking to find girls in their teens reading the kind of books they’re now writing.”
— New York Times

Chocolates for Breakfast (9780062246912) by Pamela Moore. $14.99 trade paperback. 6/25/13 on sale.

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